Family Owned, We Live on site,
We store all Recreational Vehicles
Located 1 mile East I-25 Between Highway 7 & Erie Exit

Customer Reviews


Quotes Safe, reliable and friendly service are what you can expect from Lavonne and Steve. They always know who is coming and going and we know our trailer is always safe. Thanks for everything! Quotes
Nikki and Kevin Hoskinson
5 Year Customers

Quotes We have been storing here for over 8 years. We have never had any problems. In fact Lavonne and her husband twice helped ups with our camper. Once was a flat tire which they fixed and did not charge us anything and another time was to help put a tire on the storage rack. I would recommend storing your RV, Boat etc here as it is very safe place, someone is always on location at all times. Beverly Van Vactor Extremely Satisfied Customer Quotes
Beverly Van Vactor

Quotes We bought our last motorhome new in 1994. The first two storage lots we tried we had it broken into. Then we found affordable and have had to worries since. It was like leaving it in the yard of a family member only safer. Because of age and physical condition we have had to give up camping and with Lavonne's help just sold our unit but I would never leave an rv anyplace else. Quotes
Charles & Dorothy Stewart
Been here since 1996

Quotes i have been a customer for a very long time because they are great people to deal with. when i had a problem with the tarp they called rightaway. same when the tire was going flat. the hours are great for someone that works early and gets off late. i tell everyone they have to come here. simply the best thank you for everything. Quotes
Larry Cervantes
very happy customer

Quotes Great accessibility, reasonable rates, helpful & friendly owners aways there when you need them. Quotes
10 year customer

Quotes We have had our trailer at affordable RV for last 18 months and have been ver satisfied. The price is great and Levonne hs been most helpful to us. It is nearby to our home and very easy to access with a phone call. Quotes
Bob and Cathy Gingras
satisfied clients

Quotes We have been very satisfied keeping our travel trailer at Affordable Storage, the rates are the best and the service is excellent. It really is a great location that is accessible to the north side of the metro area. We do a 6 month winter schedule and it works out perfectly. Ken and Jan Proud Quotes
Ken and Jan Proud
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes We have been storing our RVs at Affordable for approximately 9 years, starting with a pull camper, then a fifth wheel, and now a 40 ft. Class A motorhome. The folks at Affordable have kept a close eye on our RVs, calling if I leave a vent open or fixing things such as replacing tire covers that are blown off by high winds. One exceptional feature at Affordable is adequate space for driving our motorhome directly into our space and directly out of our space, a feature not offered by many storage facilities. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I am confindent that my travel trailer is very safe in the hands of Lavonne and her family. I have shopped around at other storage places and even found cheaper rates, I decided to store my trailer with Affordable RV Storage because they are family owned and on site 24/7. Quotes

Quotes We have been customers since 2007 and we want everyone to know that LeVonne and Steve provide a great service. They keep a close eye on your property and will let you know if any problems may be developing due to storms. They promptly notified me a few years back when one our Colorado wind storms blew my travel trailer off its' jack stands so that I could correct the problem immediately preventing any damage to my trailer. It is also comforting to know that they, friends or family are always on the premises keeping a eye on the RV's that are stored there. Quotes
Gene and Linda Young, May 30, 2012
Satisfied Customer "A Great Place to Store Your RV"